Travel the world, safely & securely.

CiNPLAT Travel Safe is the ultimate travel companion app for travellers that want to keep ahead of incidents that may affect them wherever they are in the world. It also provides useful features such as messaging, local security guides, live flight information, secure vault and SOS function, all with a view of helping you to keep safe whilst travelling.

Safeguarding travellers the world over…

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Personalised Intelligence

Get an overview of the key information most relevant to you. The dashboard gives you an immediate high level view, allowing you to find out more quickly.

Alerts and Updates

Intelligence feeds of information from across the world, and personal travel updates such as flight information. The feed is tailored, so you see the exact information you need.

Emergency SOS Alarm

Alerts family member or friends quickly and securely if you are in a vulnerable situation.

Premium Feature

Localised News Feed

Be kept up to date with the latest news for your region. Drawing on multiple sources from security agencies, government updates, news providers and social media.

Video Updates

Multimedia functionality allows important coverage via video reports.

  • Secure Messaging
  • Beacons
  • Regional Information
  • Flight Data
  • File Vault

Secure Messaging

Send and receive secure messages to your company, CiNPLAT, or amongst a group.

File Vault

Secure storage for all personal travel documents such as passport details, travel itinerary, and passwords.

Premium Feature

Set A Beacon

Alert CiNPLAT to incidents you witness, allowing them to assess the situation and supply information and advice to anyone nearby.

Flight Data

Quick access to in depth flight details and travel plans

Premium Feature

Regional Information

Latest intelligence and information for safe and secure travel in the region.